Charity Golf Outings

Here at the Wellbuilt Company we have been fortunate enough to take some time away from our busy summer projects and work a little on our golf swing while also supporting some great charities. We find that golf is a great way to bond as a team, spend the day outside, and give back to the charities that we are passionate about.

The Macquarie Marsupial Master's Golf Tournament raised money for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). The AWC was established more than 10 years ago to reverse the decline in Australian wildlife. This charity is near and dear to our heart as many of our Wellbuilt team calls Australia home.  Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and a very high proportion of their surviving animals and plants (over 1,700 species) are listed as threatened with extinction. The AWC works on implementing a new model for conservation to save the wildlife.

The UNICO Italian Open is put on by the UNICO (Stamford Chapter), who contributes to the local community by making significant contributions to deserving local charities and scholarship recipients. UNICO strives to "honor, perpetuate and disseminate the culture and ethnic heritage of our Italian immigrant ancestors, by supporting higher education and by educating and informing our member, local communities and our nation."

For more information on these charities, please visit their websites.



If These Walls Could Talk; Historical House Restoration


WellBuilt has partnered with the Leo Realty Group for our next Landmark project in Winchester, Massachusetts, known as the Richmond House.  This 11,000 square foot house was originally built as a wedding present to Edith Hall-Richmond by her father in 1909. Edith spent the rest of her life calling this house a home and gave the house its well known name.

The history of this beautiful home didn't stop there, making its way to it's second owner, James G. Baker (shown above).  Dr. James Baker was famous for his work on aircraft lenses during WWII where he worked closely with the U.S. Army and CIA. After the war he was one of the key people to persuade President Eisenhower to build the U-2 spy planes (shown above). The folding tunnels built in the basement of this home were to hide the doctors work on the secret lenses of the spy planes. Dr. Baker, holding more than 50 U.S. patents, has since passed away but his family members claim the Richmond House breeds math geniuses and other scientific minds blossoming in the home.

Wellbuilt plans to restore this landmark home to its originally beauty. It is a staple in the neighborhood and the old charm of the architecture is something to be saved. For additional information on the project or the sale of this house please contact us. 

P. Johnson Tailors

Following their success in Australia, P. Johnson Tailors have brought their craftsmanship to the states, opening a store in Soho, NYC. Their goal is to help every man dress better, but without all the fuss. They want their clients to be able to "pull it on, forget about it and get on with your day." Wellbuilt helped them transform an existing residential space into a clean, crisp New York showroom in the heart of SOHO.

Be sure to check out their website, visit their store located at 145 Spring Street or even book in a complimentary fitting with Ed Bertouch (

Reclaimed Wood Supply

Wellbuilt Supply Company specializes in the procurement, processing, and sale of reclaimed building products through the simplest means possible. We supply reclaimed products to designers, builders, developers, homeowners, artists and construction specialists. Our supply is always growing, with products added often allowing us to create one of a kind designs for our clients.

Please visit our SUPPLY shop to view our growing inventory.

Greenwich Family Home

This gorgeous family home was a challenge we really embraced. The project was a gut renovation and expansion of a 10,000sqft home that encompassed a full design and build - managed entirely by the Wellbuilt team. Highlighted by the rotation of the existing kitchen, common area and dining room to maximise the entertainment and achieve a desired open living space. Plus a new pool and expanded back courtyard area - including new pergola's for relaxing (and protected) outdoor entertaining.

Designer: Douglas Graneto


Connecticut Development

Wellbuilt has some exciting news, we've just begun another development project in Riverside, Greenwhich (CT). This development will be a 2300sqft family home, that faces south, is on a cul-de-sac, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a double car garage and river views! Perfect for a family moving out to Connecticut from the city. Stay tuned to watch the progress of this project - this new home will be back on the market at the end of Summer. 


Calico Wallpaper

From floor to ceiling, Calico Wallpaper has got you covered. We've been working with Nick and Rachel (Calico Wallpaper founders) pretty much since their inception in early 2013 and seen the relationship truly prosper, especially for our clients. Their unique style of paper marbling combines artisanal methods from decorative arts with innovative digital technologies. The result is an entirely customized, non-repeating wall mural - which brings flavor and flare, depth and movement to any space. For more details, images or feel it's time to spice up your home, visit their website or facebook page.


Founding Partner; Mitch Kidd

Who are you? Mitch

Hometown? Orange, a country town 4 hours west of Sydney, Australia

How did you become a part of Wellbuilt? I am a founding partner of Wellbuilt, I was more or less jobless at the time, and the only way I saw that I would get another job during the recession, was if I created one myself. And here I am today, still employed!

What do you do for Wellbuilt? Business development, client relations, oversee projects.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Wellbuilt? That we are a boutique and very close knit company. We get exposure to a diverse scope of work and clientele. We expect everyone in the company to wear a number of hats. Everyday is different, and expectations of each project change daily. Its very dynamic and challenging.

What do you do on your last day on Earth? Spend time on my family's  farm "Roma" where I grew up.

3 Things on your bucket list? 1. Do the Mongol rally 2. Hike the Kokoda Trail 3. Go to a Super Bowl

Something you are passionate about? Family, Wellbuilt, and the Manly Sea Eagles.

Guilty pleasure? French fries and cigars.

What did you want to be when you grow up? Sounds boring but besides a famous sportsman, all I've wanted to be is a builder, and own my own company.

Favorite artist? Music wise I would have to say at the moment it’s Che Smith aka Rhymefest. I had the chance to meet him recently and the guy is so talented and down to earth.

Finish this sentence….”right now I'm really into…..” Golf... but I'm bloody terrible!

Best advice anyone has ever given you? Don't settle.


Chelsea Luxury Penthouse

This Chelsea duplex was one of our most exciting and challenging projects to date. From building an outdoor stairwell for roof deck access, to custom built green rooms ensuring 125year old Bonsai trees survive the winter, this project had it all and we are glad to say Wellbuilt delivered on time, as promised. The subtleness of designer Drew McGukin’s work really gave life to this project, keeping it relaxed, yet maximising the functionality of each room. Highlighted by the double-height entry screen spanning two floors, which added an incredible amount of natural light - to be expected when we cut out part of the roof! For more images please visit our Houzz profile.

New York High line Penthouse

A completed project in a 2,500 sq ft  luxury loft apartment in West Chelsea. Nestled among a sea of hip art galleries, This dwelling is a  contemporary condo overlooking one of the hottest attractions in NYC – the High Line.

While most of the building’s exterior is stainless steel panels designed to beautifully reflect light shifts and seasonal changes, apartment interiors offer sleek, minimalist architecture with 9’8″ high ceilings, geometric window arrangements and plenty of light.