Project Manager: Luke Pound

Who are you? Luke Pound

Hometown? Perth, Western Australia

Where do you live now?  Greenpoint, Brooklyn

How did you become a part of Wellbuilt? I think Mitch and I had a mutual contact and I reached out to him to see if he was looking for carpenters, I was doing a lot of carpentry and project management. So, we got together. The job interview was interesting, we had a few pints of beer. I managed to step in as they started a project to remodel a penthouse and prove my worth.

What do you do for Wellbuilt? A bit of everything, starts at the bidding and client meeting, to proposal, and on to project management on site. Bringing all the trades together and getting the job done, all the way till closing when I do the handover.

What's your favorite thing about working for Wellbuilt? The work culture I’d say. Everyone gets along with each other and catches up outside of work hours.

Miss most about home? The beach. And family BBQs. But definitely the beach.

What do you do on your last day on Earth? It's kind of boring, but I'd spend it with my wife and daughter.

Things on your bucket list? Just ticked one off recently which was to see the Rolling Stones before they kick the bucket. Haven't done Africa yet. I'm big into animal documentaries. Ha one of those "you don't know this about me."

What did you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to play NBA basketball. (Laughs) I had all the playing cards and was convinced I was going to play for the Charlotte Hornets.

Favorite piece of architecture? New York as a whole, it's pretty amazing. You never get bored flying over the city. I always have my forehead planted on the window while we land.

Finish this sentence,”right now I'm really into…..” baby stuff.

Next big adventure planned? Becoming a parent.


P. Johnson Tailors

Following their success in Australia, P. Johnson Tailors have brought their craftsmanship to the states, opening a store in Soho, NYC. Their goal is to help every man dress better, but without all the fuss. They want their clients to be able to "pull it on, forget about it and get on with your day." Wellbuilt helped them transform an existing residential space into a clean, crisp New York showroom in the heart of SOHO.

Be sure to check out their website, visit their store located at 145 Spring Street or even book in a complimentary fitting with Ed Bertouch (

Reclaimed Wood Supply

Wellbuilt Supply Company specializes in the procurement, processing, and sale of reclaimed building products through the simplest means possible. We supply reclaimed products to designers, builders, developers, homeowners, artists and construction specialists. Our supply is always growing, with products added often allowing us to create one of a kind designs for our clients.

Please visit our SUPPLY shop to view our growing inventory.

Greenwich Family Home

This gorgeous family home was a challenge we really embraced. The project was a gut renovation and expansion of a 10,000sqft home that encompassed a full design and build - managed entirely by the Wellbuilt team. Highlighted by the rotation of the existing kitchen, common area and dining room to maximise the entertainment and achieve a desired open living space. Plus a new pool and expanded back courtyard area - including new pergola's for relaxing (and protected) outdoor entertaining.

Designer: Douglas Graneto


Connecticut Development

Wellbuilt has some exciting news, we've just begun another development project in Riverside, Greenwhich (CT). This development will be a 2300sqft family home, that faces south, is on a cul-de-sac, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a double car garage and river views! Perfect for a family moving out to Connecticut from the city. Stay tuned to watch the progress of this project - this new home will be back on the market at the end of Summer. 


Calico Wallpaper

From floor to ceiling, Calico Wallpaper has got you covered. We've been working with Nick and Rachel (Calico Wallpaper founders) pretty much since their inception in early 2013 and seen the relationship truly prosper, especially for our clients. Their unique style of paper marbling combines artisanal methods from decorative arts with innovative digital technologies. The result is an entirely customized, non-repeating wall mural - which brings flavor and flare, depth and movement to any space. For more details, images or feel it's time to spice up your home, visit their website or facebook page.


Chelsea Luxury Penthouse

This Chelsea duplex was one of our most exciting and challenging projects to date. From building an outdoor stairwell for roof deck access, to custom built green rooms ensuring 125year old Bonsai trees survive the winter, this project had it all and we are glad to say Wellbuilt delivered on time, as promised. The subtleness of designer Drew McGukin’s work really gave life to this project, keeping it relaxed, yet maximising the functionality of each room. Highlighted by the double-height entry screen spanning two floors, which added an incredible amount of natural light - to be expected when we cut out part of the roof! For more images please visit our Houzz profile.

New York High line Penthouse

A completed project in a 2,500 sq ft  luxury loft apartment in West Chelsea. Nestled among a sea of hip art galleries, This dwelling is a  contemporary condo overlooking one of the hottest attractions in NYC – the High Line.

While most of the building’s exterior is stainless steel panels designed to beautifully reflect light shifts and seasonal changes, apartment interiors offer sleek, minimalist architecture with 9’8″ high ceilings, geometric window arrangements and plenty of light.

A Fusion of His & Her Styles

New york High line apartment wellbuilt company1

The master bedroom project incorporated the fusion of two personal styles.  Designer Samantha Knapp of Tiger Lily's Greenwich was charged with the task of blending the best of His-and-Her style with old and new items for this luxury New York City apartment.

The result is a cozy but spacious bedroom that balances the client’s love for modern yet traditional design sensibilities. The color palette and texture in this room are tied to the rest of the home, yet it is decidedly more modern than other living spaces, such as the master bathroom.