Kevin Brett; Wellbuilt Partner

Who are you? Kevin Brett

Hometown? A small town in rural Ireland called Carndonagh in County Donegal

Why did you move here? I came to vacation for a summer and fell in love with the place, and before I knew it I had set down roots

What do you do for Wellbuilt? I share in the day to day operations and evolution of the Boston office, everything from the hiring, firing to the contract signing and decision making

What's your favorite thing about working here?I love the culture of the company, it feels like everyone at Wellbuilt Company coordinates and pulls their weight very dynamically, I feel like the group as a whole are incredibly resourceful and creative when it comes to acquisitions, project designs & layouts and the actual development

Last movie you watched? I believe it was Snow White with my daughter

Weirdest thing Americans do? Every national sport league names the winning team World Champions? Like the World Series only has American teams...

What do you do on your last day on Earth? Take my girlfriend and our kids anywhere in the world they want

Guilty pleasure? Everything Apple

What did you want to be when you grow up? Pilot

Favorite piece of architecture? Cayan Tower, Dubai

Favorite designer? Steve Jobs - Apple

Best advice anyone has ever given you? â€œIf you're not first, you're last “ - Ricky Bobby, Taladega Nights

Best gift you were ever given? My daughter Madison