Winterizing Construction Sites

Extra Safety Measures During the Cold Months


Even in colder climates, construction can be ongoing year-round, especially in major cities like New York and Boston. However, winter adds a few variables to the mix which can cause things to move forward more slowly. Obviously, weather events like rain, snow or excessive cold can bring a work site temporarily to a halt—but there are other risks to consider, as well. The cold weather can increase the risk for frozen pipes, fire dangers from heating units, icy surfaces, etc.—all of which require us to work more slowly and methodically in order to keep our workers, and our developers’ investment, safe.

Keeping Construction Sites Safe During Winter


At Wellbuilt, we take a proactive approach to winterizing construction sites. Here are some of the ways we ensure safety during the winter months:

·       Halting work in inclement weather. We shut down work sites during heavy rain, frigid temperatures or icy/snowy conditions. We’ll also shut down work efforts in high winds unless our work site is equipped with fall-protection. We don’t risk the safety of our crew.

·       Securing equipment and temporary structures. When bad weather is expected, we take efforts to shore up scaffolding, position cranes safely, secure loose materials like netting, tools, sidewalk sheds and other items that could shift or move during a storm.

·       Cold weather. We make sure our crew are properly dressed for colder temperatures to protect against issues like frostbite or hypothermia. We may shorten work hours to reduce exposure to outdoor temperatures, or we may only work during the warmest parts of the day. We close the work site if temperatures become dangerously cold.

·       Freezing pipes. We make every effort to cover exposed pipes and insulate water heaters against the cold, to protect against pipe breakage. We thaw any frozen pipes only with approved warmers to safeguard against steam explosions.

·       Fire safety. If we bring in heating equipment to work in colder temperatures, we make sure the equipment is properly inspected and in compliance with local fire ordinances.  We keep these heaters away from combustible materials, including wooden ladders or platforms.


·       Snow and ice removal. After a weather event, we make sure work surfaces are free of ice and snow before resuming work, especially focusing on ladders and scaffolding.

·       Clearing debris. We remove loose debris and waste material from the construction site as frequently as possible.

These extra steps can obviously make the work move more slowly during the winter months, but they also ensure that a construction project doesn’t get derailed by accidents, damage or loss. To find out more about our policies for winterizing construction sites, feel free to call or email us: (NY)  1.917.475.1207 or (CT) 1.914.305.4237