New York High line Penthouse

A completed project in a 2,500 sq ft  luxury loft apartment in West Chelsea. Nestled among a sea of hip art galleries, This dwelling is a  contemporary condo overlooking one of the hottest attractions in NYC – the High Line.

While most of the building’s exterior is stainless steel panels designed to beautifully reflect light shifts and seasonal changes, apartment interiors offer sleek, minimalist architecture with 9’8″ high ceilings, geometric window arrangements and plenty of light.

Oversized walk in shower

luxury overized shower wellbuilt company

Can you believe that once upon a time this master shower struggled to fit one small petite person in it. Now theres enough room for 10 full sized adults in this oversized walk in shower located in a Luxury West Chelsea apartment.

Wellbuilt Company Expands to Connecticut

Wellbuilt locations Web

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Wellbuilt Company to Stamford, Connecticut. Our new office officially launched August 1st and is now fully open and ready for business!  

Over the last few years, Wellbuilt has experienced rapid, organic growth. The new Stamford office will service Connecticut, as well as parts of New Jersey and New York State, and provide more services to cater for the growing needs of our clients. Wellbuilt Connecticut will be our 3rd regional location, joining the likes of Boston and New York City.

Internationally experienced property developer Scott Lumby will lead the Wellbuilt Connecticut team with continued support from Mitch Kidd. Scott comes from a long line of real estate professionals and recently relocated to Stamford after spending several years with John Olson Builder in Aspen, Colorado and Oakstand Property Group in Sydney, Australia.

At Wellbuilt, we know success requires more than just knowledge of contracting, construction and design. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our mission to deliver outstanding client service, led us to expand. It’s this attitude that has earned Wellbuilt the excellent reputation it enjoys today.

Erin Gates' Kitchen Makeover

Ering Gates Kitchen wellbuilt todd rotondi

It was a pleasure to work on this Kitchen/ Dining room makeover with interior design writer Erin Gates. By bringing down the partition wall between two rooms, we created a much larger, elegant entertaining space that feels inviting to friends, guests and family. Some delicious meals will be cooked in this kitchen, no doubt! For more details & photos of before and after go to Erin's blog, Elements of Style.

Where to buy American made building products

Made-in-America logo

Want to build a house made entirely from American-made building products?

Everything from the nails, screws and bolts, to the steel, staples and bathtub is made in the United States. In all there are more than 120 products from more than 33 states. However, the builders do acknowledge that using American products can be more expensive.

A box of nails is $5 more than those made in China and steel is $146 more a bundle. Even though certain goods are more expensive, in total, the cost of the house is nearly identical. Currently, the all-American home, which is not yet finished , is running only 1 to 2 percent more than a foreign-sourced house.

In Bozeman, Montana, Anders Lewendal is hard at work building a home he hopes will be a blueprint for creating jobs in America. Lewendal is convinced that if every builder bought just 5 percent more American materials it would create 220,000 jobs.

Here’s the list of products Lewendal is using to build the Made in America house.

Source: ABC news

A New York City TV Screen


Everything is always bigger in New York City. From the Time Square light show to the sky scrapping towers that surround downtown Manhattan - New Yorkers know how to live in style. Our team was recently approached by a NYC client to create an entertainment center, so we decided on this treatment for the TV set. What better way to view your favorite shows and movies than on a large projection screen right? And when your done the screen just rolls up by the click of a button. Wellbuilt to suit needs of a city dweller looking to relax after a hard days work.