P. Johnson Tailors

Following their success in Australia, P. Johnson Tailors have brought their craftsmanship to the states, opening a store in Soho, NYC. Their goal is to help every man dress better, but without all the fuss. They want their clients to be able to "pull it on, forget about it and get on with your day." Wellbuilt helped them transform an existing residential space into a clean, crisp New York showroom in the heart of SOHO.

Be sure to check out their website, visit their store located at 145 Spring Street or even book in a complimentary fitting with Ed Bertouch (ed@pjt.com).

A Fusion of His & Her Styles

New york High line apartment wellbuilt company1

The master bedroom project incorporated the fusion of two personal styles.  Designer Samantha Knapp of Tiger Lily's Greenwich was charged with the task of blending the best of His-and-Her style with old and new items for this luxury New York City apartment.

The result is a cozy but spacious bedroom that balances the client’s love for modern yet traditional design sensibilities. The color palette and texture in this room are tied to the rest of the home, yet it is decidedly more modern than other living spaces, such as the master bathroom.

Erin Gates Kitchen Collaboration

kitchenboard1 erin gates renovation wellbuilt

Its time for another project collaboration with designer, stylist, and Author, Erin Gates. This project will see Wellbuilt move into the Kitchen area of Erins new house. The 1950's style room is well overdue for a makeover. New fixtures, finishes and products will be sourced; and the space completely gutted & remodeled. The finished product will be a more modern, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen for Erin to enjoy with her family, friends and guests.  Follow the renovation on Erin Gates blog, Elements of style.

Bryant Park Designs

bryant park designs wellbuilt debpeter and Becky Tellefesen

Its always refreshing  to collaborate with a new designer, especially when its their very own home. Wellbuilt has the honor of working with Becky Tellefsen and Deb DePeter from Bryant park designs on their new kitchen renovation in Winchester MA.Becky Tellefsen and Deb DePeter founded Bryant Park Designs, a full service interior decorating and garden design company centered in Winchester, MA in the Spring of 2010. Fueled by the positive response to their daily design blog Living Livelier, the pair has enthusiastically executed diverse projects in the Boston and New York metropolitan areas. The talented duo have a fun blog which documents not only their work, but  all things interior design.

Elements of style Collaboration

elements of style erin gates

Wellbuilt is proud to announce the collaboration with the very talented interior & fashion stylist Erin GatesWellbuilt will oversee a new renovation project for Erin which, will be documented on her very own blog Elements of style. Keep reading for updates and be sure to check out Erin Gates blog, Elements of style.

Dinosaur Designs


Our team made it to an event over at Dinosaur Designs in Soho. Based out of Australia, this chic brand carries wonderfully crafted items for both interiors and personal accessories. Think exotic gems and modern geometric shapes with a twist and you have the antidote for this charming brand rooted in the simplicity of natural aesthetics. Drop on in at 211 Elizabeth Street for the full experience.

The Costa Mesa Barn


Here's a Los Angeles Times blurb on our talented California designer Corey Gash:

Where many see junk, Corey Gash envisions design possibilities. The window display artist convinced his family to leave its comfortable, two-bedroom town house in Orange last year for a run-down barn in Costa Mesa that once housed chickens and, later, a boat-building operation. “The first time I saw it, I thought it was an amazing space with great bones. I’d always wanted to live in a barn,” says Gash, who has fond childhood memories of feeding the chickens during summer vacations at his aunt’s farm in Colorado. Partner Krista Wallace wasn’t as enthusiastic. “At first I thought, ‘No way. I couldn’t live there,’ ” she says. “The place was a shambles — filled with old wood and spiders. There wasn’t a bathroom — just an outdoor shower — and I had just found out that I was pregnant.” Now, repurposed materials and furnishings give the remodeled 700-square-foot home a loft-like openness and a soulful style. Here, the entrance wall is composed of wood reclaimed from a church roof.

Design Guru Corey Gash

Design Guru Corey Gash for Wellbuilt Company

Introducing Corey Gash. Born with an abnormal brain and super-human talents, this guy has it going on. From building out a wooden music studio in the early 90's to a total renovation of an old coastal barn, Corey is the definition of a man's man and creative pioneer. He's also a music producer, drummer, chef extraordinaire, flea market king, family man, and designer. Before using reclaimed materials was considered "green" this guy would scour the back alleys of Newport Beach to find all sorts of reusable treasure. Corey is no traditional designer, and as a matter of fact, he fell into the design field by accident as his passion for music production bled into a passion for building music studios. This curiosity and pursuit to build music studios lead him to study design decades after he started customizing spaces. His own personal music studio, which goes by the monicker of Pheasant Studios was built almost entirely by wooden crates he found around various locations of Southern California in the early 90's. During the inception of this space, the foundation had an abnormally high ceiling, so Corey decided to create a second story living space equipped with a full blown kitchen, bedroom, and entertainment center. Pheasant Studios is the epitome of coastal cool boasting an americana, gentleman-like charm. Here's a few snaps from this wonderful place. Keep an eye out for this guy as we'll be highlighting his works as inspiration and one of our go to project design gurus for Wellbuilt.