Non VOC Paints

Non VOC paint by Wellbuilt Company

So what kind of paint does your builder use? More often then not, clients are unaware of how toxic consumer level paints can be. General household paint contains up to 10,000 chemicals. Of these chemicals, 300 are known toxins, while 150 have been linked to cancer. Arguably the most potent chemicals found in these paints are volatile organic compounds also known as "VOC's". The design and build industry has made a conscious effort to shift over to using environmentally sound materials such as these non VOC paints. When selecting a paint option for our clients, Wellbuilt Company has been mindful of these effects and we have gradually shifted to using non VOC paints on all jobs. These non VOC paints are great when designing and building "green", however we believe clients deserve Wellbuilt spaces that are in fact treated with only the best materials on the market.