A New York City TV Screen


Everything is always bigger in New York City. From the Time Square light show to the sky scrapping towers that surround downtown Manhattan - New Yorkers know how to live in style. Our team was recently approached by a NYC client to create an entertainment center, so we decided on this treatment for the TV set. What better way to view your favorite shows and movies than on a large projection screen right? And when your done the screen just rolls up by the click of a button. Wellbuilt to suit needs of a city dweller looking to relax after a hard days work.

Built-In Entertainment Set


Here's an entertainment set that our team is wrapping up at the moment in a downtown apartment. Simple, classy, clean, and Wellbuilt right into the wall.

We enjoyed the whole process of designing and building this set up. The client is thrilled with the outcome, and so are we.

Reclaimed Filing Cabinet

Here's a new green installation project we just wrapped up where we've repurposed an old filing cabinet and added a little flavor to it with a marble counter top. This area will serve as a side bar next to the kitchen. Its going to be a fun zone to entertain guests before and after warm meals in this City Apartment. Bottoms up...!

It's all in the Details


We here at Wellbuilt Company are constantly hunting down the finest of materials for our clients. Our staff along with our designers work day and night to stay on point with our projects. There's often a lot of excitement during the conceptual process and even more towards the end and onto the unveiling of our completed projects. However, between start to finish we are heavily rooted in catering to all the fine details. Whether its choice paint, tile, wood, or even stucco, we work with only the best materials. Here's a few tile samples that we have carefully selected for a recent project. It's all in the details...!

Design Guru Corey Gash

Design Guru Corey Gash for Wellbuilt Company

Introducing Corey Gash. Born with an abnormal brain and super-human talents, this guy has it going on. From building out a wooden music studio in the early 90's to a total renovation of an old coastal barn, Corey is the definition of a man's man and creative pioneer. He's also a music producer, drummer, chef extraordinaire, flea market king, family man, and designer. Before using reclaimed materials was considered "green" this guy would scour the back alleys of Newport Beach to find all sorts of reusable treasure. Corey is no traditional designer, and as a matter of fact, he fell into the design field by accident as his passion for music production bled into a passion for building music studios. This curiosity and pursuit to build music studios lead him to study design decades after he started customizing spaces. His own personal music studio, which goes by the monicker of Pheasant Studios was built almost entirely by wooden crates he found around various locations of Southern California in the early 90's. During the inception of this space, the foundation had an abnormally high ceiling, so Corey decided to create a second story living space equipped with a full blown kitchen, bedroom, and entertainment center. Pheasant Studios is the epitome of coastal cool boasting an americana, gentleman-like charm. Here's a few snaps from this wonderful place. Keep an eye out for this guy as we'll be highlighting his works as inspiration and one of our go to project design gurus for Wellbuilt.

Clos-ette Collaboration

Lonny magazine Clos-ette Collaboration with Melanie Fascitelli and Wellbuilt Company New York

Wellbuilt had the pleasure of assisting Melanie Fascitelli from Clos-ette, on this make over of her very own custom closet for the September/October issue of Lonny Magazine.