3 Reasons To Decorate With Wood Grains


3 Reasons to Decorate with Wood Grains:- Wood imparts strong emotions and memories and creates a sense of connection to a space. Darker tones may remind you of a cozy cabin, a book-filled library or a warm ski lodge. Lighter tones might bring to mind sun-filled kitchens, summer picnics or a serene spa. - Wood makes a subtle statement of high-quality design. The finest furniture you can find is mostly crafted from wood. The look is refined and elegant, whether you use a modern or traditional style. - Wood grains give you plenty of options. The beauty of decorating with wood grain is that it can enhance many different decorative styles. It can be rustic or streamlined, traditional or modern.

Before & After

winchester massachusetts renovation before and after wellbuilt company

This Wellbuilt project in Winchester, Massachusetts shows what can be achieved when a family needing more space for their young family decided to turn their detached car garage into a new beautiful adjoined luxury kitchen.winchester massachusetts renovation before and after wellbuilt company

Midtown East Dwelling

Midtown East project wellbuilt company green NYC

Here's a photo of a recent Midtown East, NYC Wellbuilt project in the works. For this particular job we used non VOC paint with a semi-gloss finish, making it easy to wipe away handprints and stains. The clients have young twins who tend to run around the place so we came up with a solution to replace the slippery ceramic tile with a glue-down wood floor. Wellbuilt continues to use only the best sustainable products out on the market for our projects and clients. Stay tuned - more photos to come when the job is complete.Midtown East project wellbuilt company green NYC

Three story house built in a day

This is about as far from its Dwell rap that modular housing can come: a 6,300-square-foot McMansion in the tony DC suburb of Bethesda, Md. Called Bradley Green Show Home, this LEED-certified prefab princess—”systems built construction,” as Sandy Spring Builders says—took four months to complete once the foundation was laid. That being said, it only took one day for the home to be set, with portions being stacked on each other like Legos. Blink and you’ll miss it. Information from curbed.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veNT1Ox2pO8&feature=player_embedded#!