Sliding Door Installation


The Installation of these custom built sliding doors allowed the owner of this New York apartment to close off and conceal the kitchen when not being used. Wellbuilt added an extra design feature by installing a wood valance to conceal the track hardware from view.

The great thing about these custom sliding doors is that they come in a range of styles and are delivered ready to install in a matter of hours. The doors were purchased from "sliding door company" and installed by the skilled craftsman at Wellbuilt.

Reclaimed Filing Cabinet

Here's a new green installation project we just wrapped up where we've repurposed an old filing cabinet and added a little flavor to it with a marble counter top. This area will serve as a side bar next to the kitchen. Its going to be a fun zone to entertain guests before and after warm meals in this City Apartment. Bottoms up...!

Green Painting NYC

green painting demonstration

The Wellbuilt team had the honor of attending a special event hosted by the talented Nick Cope of Green Painting in conjunction with Farrow & Ball Paint. A live non VOC paint demonstration, Q&A time, along with drinks and horderves were served up at the wonderful gathering in SOHO. We're proud to be affiliated with Nick Cope and the rest of the crew over at Green Painting NYC. Our team is looking forward to a great year providing clients with the best green design and build materials. Here's a few selects from the event. green painting demonstration

It's all in the Details


We here at Wellbuilt Company are constantly hunting down the finest of materials for our clients. Our staff along with our designers work day and night to stay on point with our projects. There's often a lot of excitement during the conceptual process and even more towards the end and onto the unveiling of our completed projects. However, between start to finish we are heavily rooted in catering to all the fine details. Whether its choice paint, tile, wood, or even stucco, we work with only the best materials. Here's a few tile samples that we have carefully selected for a recent project. It's all in the details...!

Non VOC Paints

Non VOC paint by Wellbuilt Company

So what kind of paint does your builder use? More often then not, clients are unaware of how toxic consumer level paints can be. General household paint contains up to 10,000 chemicals. Of these chemicals, 300 are known toxins, while 150 have been linked to cancer. Arguably the most potent chemicals found in these paints are volatile organic compounds also known as "VOC's". The design and build industry has made a conscious effort to shift over to using environmentally sound materials such as these non VOC paints. When selecting a paint option for our clients, Wellbuilt Company has been mindful of these effects and we have gradually shifted to using non VOC paints on all jobs. These non VOC paints are great when designing and building "green", however we believe clients deserve Wellbuilt spaces that are in fact treated with only the best materials on the market.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for Wellbuilt Company

In 1879 Thomas Edison unveiled the first incandescent light bulb. Needless to say, Mr. Edison's efforts have changed the world and how we view it. Like many inventions in history's past, the light bulb is an evolving product in design and build. And with these new products to hit the market comes discussions on energy efficiency and electricity bills. Household energy consumption is often a topic of conversation that most of us discuss, but when we look at the bigger picture we see high rise buildings in cities like New York, Buenos Aires, London, Paris, and especially Tokyo. These buildings take large sums of money to literally keep the lights on for businesses. As the cost on energy has risen, the last two decades has seen an influx of energy efficient products. In 2007 an energy law was passed to lead manufacturers to start phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of more energy efficient lighting. Some consumers look at this change as an attempt to "go green" but we view it as doing the right logical thing and a sound investment for our clients. With that, here we are with a few energy efficient style light bulbs that we will be using in our upcoming Wellbuilt projects.