Backstroke with Vertigo

skyscraper swimming pool marina bay sands hotel singapore

Here's a few excerpts from an article about Singapore's relatively new Marina Bay Sands Hotel skyscraper swimming pool - It's 6.30am and the lift at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel smells like polished leather. I swipe my card, a gate to the SkyPark clicks open and before me is a lap swimmer's nirvana. The faintly rippled surface of the world's longest elevated swimming pool is all that exists between me and the pinnacles of Singapore's cloud-piercing skyscrapers. This 150-metre pool has been designed with a daring "vanishing edge". A row of palm trees, still trying to come to terms with the altitude, is beginning to show promise of shade. Beneath the palms are two rows of sun loungers. I'm immersed in almost 1.5 million litres of water, swimming among the clouds atop the world's largest cantilevered platform. I wonder how heavy all this water must be. The pool is perched almost 200 metres high and prone to movement caused by wind and settlement in the earth. More here.