Todd Rotondi

Midtown East Dwelling

Midtown East project wellbuilt company green NYC

Here's a photo of a recent Midtown East, NYC Wellbuilt project in the works. For this particular job we used non VOC paint with a semi-gloss finish, making it easy to wipe away handprints and stains. The clients have young twins who tend to run around the place so we came up with a solution to replace the slippery ceramic tile with a glue-down wood floor. Wellbuilt continues to use only the best sustainable products out on the market for our projects and clients. Stay tuned - more photos to come when the job is complete.Midtown East project wellbuilt company green NYC

Building a Family Heirloom

Todd Rotondi Family Wellbuilt Company

Its rare to come across individuals working the family trade these days, as an assortment of new age employment opportunities are popping up daily. Farming, bread making, and sewing clothes make up a fraction of trades that western societies passed down to younger generations. As time has changed, the market place has grown, and many trades have gradually become outdated. Needless to say, the industry of building remains one of the oldest trades to date that is still heavily sought after. With this, Wellbuilt's Todd Rotondi is a third generation builder. Todd grew up  in Massachusetts swinging a hammer, digging trenches, and operating heavy equipment in elementary school. Todd's dad and grandfather played an integral role in fostering Todd's extensive knowledge of the construction industry. Here's a few snapshots of the lad hard at work digging the foundation which would ultimately lead to Wellbuilt Company.