India Rick shaw run - "Frank Water"

Rick Shaw charity run for FRANK water in India by Wellbuilt Company's Mitch Kidd

What is the Rickshaw Run? The Rickshaw Run is pretty simple. With no preparation, no support crew, and absoluteley no idea on how to get there, we take a 145cc glorified lawnmower over thousands of miles of questionable terrain crossing the subcontinant of India from Jaisalmer to Cochin in a ''planned" two weeks (or more). What is a Rickshaw? Picture the fastest, safest, all-terrain vehicle in the world. Then picture the opposite, and youve got a 'Rickshaw". Despite being designed purely for short distant, sealed road travel, we aim to take this three wheel, 7 horse power beast on the the ultimate, long distant, off road adventure of a lifetime across India. When are we doing it? January 1st 2011  Why are we doing it? To raise money for 'FRANK water'.  A charity dedicated to helping to bring clean water throughout the world.