Reclaimed Wood Supply

Wellbuilt Supply Company specializes in the procurement, processing, and sale of reclaimed building products through the simplest means possible. We supply reclaimed products to designers, builders, developers, homeowners, artists and construction specialists. Our supply is always growing, with products added often allowing us to create one of a kind designs for our clients.

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Beautifying the Radiator


Living in a densely populated area such as New York City, individuals pay more attention to space as interiors are tight. We've noticed on projects that a difficult item to cater to can be that outdated and clunky radiator in the living room.

By covering these radiators with a custom cabinet build out, you can turn these unattractive grey areas into a chic design feature that's easy on the eyes and complimentary to a Wellbuilt interior. Its a simple upgrade that can add a bit more charm to a space. Here's a custom radiator cabinet our team recently completed for an apartment in upper west side Manhattan.

Kiva's Marcos Fleitas

Kiva's Marcos Fleitas

As Wellbuilt Company continues to grow and expand, we've made it a point to donate a portion of our proceeds to support Kiva's global micro-finance loan initiatives. The organization's vision is to also help grow and expand businesses in developing regions. By donating a portion of proceeds to the Kiva Microfinance Loan Initiatives, we have helped fellas like Marcos Fleitas of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay get his business off the ground and running. We're proud to support Kiva, and more importantly our new friend in the build and design industry of South America. More on Marcos:

Marcos is from Ciudad del Este, is married to Basilia, and they have 2 small children who go to school and still depend on them. Marcos dedicates himself to selling construction materials. He started in this activity selling bricks made by a friend. In addition to this, they have a business selling decorations and chair and table rentals for birthday parties. Thanks to the work they do, they are educating their children and getting ahead with their obligations. Marcos requests a loan to buy construction materials, which he will be able to supply his business and continue working as he has been doing.