The Costa Mesa Barn


Here's a Los Angeles Times blurb on our talented California designer Corey Gash:

Where many see junk, Corey Gash envisions design possibilities. The window display artist convinced his family to leave its comfortable, two-bedroom town house in Orange last year for a run-down barn in Costa Mesa that once housed chickens and, later, a boat-building operation. “The first time I saw it, I thought it was an amazing space with great bones. I’d always wanted to live in a barn,” says Gash, who has fond childhood memories of feeding the chickens during summer vacations at his aunt’s farm in Colorado. Partner Krista Wallace wasn’t as enthusiastic. “At first I thought, ‘No way. I couldn’t live there,’ ” she says. “The place was a shambles — filled with old wood and spiders. There wasn’t a bathroom — just an outdoor shower — and I had just found out that I was pregnant.” Now, repurposed materials and furnishings give the remodeled 700-square-foot home a loft-like openness and a soulful style. Here, the entrance wall is composed of wood reclaimed from a church roof.

3 Reasons To Decorate With Wood Grains


3 Reasons to Decorate with Wood Grains:- Wood imparts strong emotions and memories and creates a sense of connection to a space. Darker tones may remind you of a cozy cabin, a book-filled library or a warm ski lodge. Lighter tones might bring to mind sun-filled kitchens, summer picnics or a serene spa. - Wood makes a subtle statement of high-quality design. The finest furniture you can find is mostly crafted from wood. The look is refined and elegant, whether you use a modern or traditional style. - Wood grains give you plenty of options. The beauty of decorating with wood grain is that it can enhance many different decorative styles. It can be rustic or streamlined, traditional or modern.