How Wellbuilt Works

Phase 1 – Consultation

      • Assess clients goals
      • Site survey
      • Estimate prepared

Wellbuilt will assess your needs and set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your objectives. Within a few days of the consultation, you will receive an estimate for review.

Phase 2 – Design management

      • Design drawings prepared
      • Materials & finish schedules prepared
      • Final budget prepared
      • Permits and approval obtained

Once you have approved an estimate, Wellbuilt begin working with you to refine the design and specify all project materials. During this stage the Wellbuilt team also begin the process of obtaining permits for the project and approval from all necessary parties. Wellbuilt will manage the project for you, including contractors and coordinating the delivery of all project materials.
Wellbuilt will create a project timeline to keep you informed of all milestones and strive to ensure any disruptions to your schedule are kept to a minimum.

Phase 3 – Construction management

      • Purchasing & delivery of materials
      • Coordinate installations
      • Coordinate contractors
      • Project hand over to clients

Once construction commences, Wellbuilt continue to provide support by overseeing the entire process to assure everything is built according to the design. Upon completion of the project, a walk-through will be scheduled to ensure your satisfaction.

Phase 4 – Delivery

    • Project hand over to clients
    • Maintenance manuals
    • Maintenance checklists
    • Property management
    • Coordination with real estate brokers


Building & Construction

Our highly professional, responsive team is renowned for maintaining clean, secure job environments as well as privacy and discretion. With a roster of A-list craftsman with decades-long immersion in the building arts Wellbuilt Company is positioned to put even the most disconcerting client at ease. With experience in residential, commercial and hospitality environments, Wellbuilt Company can deliver a wide range of modern and traditional solutions that are tailored to the clients’ need.